How to get involved?
No matter your skills or talents – or even the limitations to your time, there is always something important that YOU can help with when it comes to the preservation of the Cove Island Lightstation. All it takes for you to make a real and tasting difference is your willingness to step forward and say, “I want to help!

Just some of the ways our volunteers help:

The Cove Island Lightkeepers is always looking for volunteers who enjoy making a “hands on” contribution to the effort of restoring Cove Island Lightstation back it’s former glory. Regardless of your skills or talents, you can help.The ways to contribute are both numerous and wide ranging. Think about it…what better way to spend a day than working at a lighthouse, enjoying the fresh air and making new friends?

If you are a “people person” and enjoy talking with others, then getting involved with lighthouse education is for you! Sharing your passion for lighthouses by educating them about the history, value and importance of our lighthouse heritage – and the urgency of saving it today, is an extremely rewarding facet of our mission. There is no better way to make groups of people aware of our mission to save Canada’s lighthouse heritage than at community events.

The willingness of volunteers to raise vital funds for lighthouse preservation is probably the most sought after talent and desire that an organization has on its “wish list.” Volunteers who are successful at fundraising – which takes no more than a desire to do so, are worth their weight in gold. Think about it. You do not need to be a businessperson to be effective at fundraising. All monies – no matter how small, are important. Are you interested? If so, then you are one of the most valuable people in lighthouse preservation!

Some volunteers love lighthouses but cannot spend all day working at a lighthouse or staffing an outreach table, but yet they strongly desire to contribute to lighthouse preservation and education. If this sounds like you, the Cove Island Lightkeepers has the answer – volunteering on a committee. Serving on a committee is every bit as rewarding as working at the lightstation.


Interested? Join our team of lightkeepers today!

For more information on how you can become part of our volunteer team: contact the Cove Island Lightkeepers by email: