Hal Banas

The bride of Cove Island’s first wedding ceremony, Iris Banas, 19, wife of Lightkeeper Harold “Hal” Banas, is happy that she traded mainland life to be one of Cove island’s three inhabitants. Earl Banas 22, assistant keeper and brother of lightkeeper Hal Banas, is the third member of the trio.

“The island it is a wonderful place. I wouldn’t mind living here for years and years”, said the former Iris Hine of Killaloe, near Ottawa.

“Hal and Iris pulled a surprise on me”, said Earl, best man at the wedding. “I didn’t know a thing about it until I met the minister and he said his visit was to officiate at the marriage.”

The ceremony was performed on a high rocky platform directly below the light tower. “In the excitement I forgot the ring and the ceremony was held up for a minute while I went inside the house to find it..” Earl related.

Rev. E.B. Arrol of Tobermory officiated. Six people, including the principals and Mrs. Arrol, were present at the ceremony.


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