George Currie

George Currie is remembered for his part in the aftermath of the sinking of the schooner ‘Regina’ off Gat Point, Cove Island, on 10th September, 1881. Only the captain, Amos Tripp, was lost during the storm and his body was found and buried on Cove Island by George Currie.


On September 25th in his personal diary George Currie wrote: “went to west side of island to-day, found the body of Captain Tripp who was drowned on the 10th inst. – sewed him up in Canvas and buried him, the topmasts are still to be seen above the water. . .”


Two weeks later George Currie recovered the remains of Captain Tripp and about October 1st returned the body to his family aboard the steamer Jane Miller for internment in Owen Sound.


Interestingly, the deer in the photograph still exists and resides at the lightstation.

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